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Brydie Wright is a first-time Author from Sydney. Four years ago motherhood turned her life on its head and sparked her imagination. Brydie now finds creativity through writing about the quirks of family life. Through her tongue-in-cheek tales, she writes as much for the parents of little readers as for the little readers themselves.

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Latest Review for WeekendNotes

Do you know Sydney Harbour had its own gaol for hardened convicts, not unlike the notorious Norfolk Island and Port Arthur penal settlements?

If you like convicts, ghosts and encouraging a love of history in kids, check out Brydie's latest WeekendNotes review on Cockatoo Island's fascinating Convict Precint and activities coming up this Summer and Autumn.

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Susan Day's Astro Adventures Book Club recommends great books to grandparents who take an interest in encouraging their grandchildren to read.

Brydie Wright is delighted to be Susan's first guest in Astro's Adventure's Children's Author Spot series. Enjoy the interview!

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