About the Author - Daddy and the World's Longest Poo

Brydie Wright is a first-time Author from Sydney. Four years ago, motherhood turned her life on its head and sparked her imagination. Brydie now finds creativity through writing about the quirks of family life. Through her tongue-in-cheek tales, she writes as much for the parents of little readers as for the little readers themselves.

Brydie's debut picture book will delight pre-school and early primary readers with its honesty and sense of humour. Mums, Dads and grandparents will get a cheeky laugh out of it too.

Brydie also reviews for WeekendNotes and Sydney Mum's Group.

See Brydie's Emerging Author profile at Creative Kids Tales. In March 2017, Brydie was interviewed as CKT's Emerging Author of the month. Brydie is also an Author member of the Children's Book Council of Australia.


Father's Day (Aus) - 3 September - The Perfect Novelty

It's Daddy and the World's Longest Poo's first Australian Father's Day.

David Moye from HuffPost's Weird News included it in a list of Weird Father's Day Gifts for Normal Dads and it sold like hotcakes with American Dads back in June.

This week, the 'Poo Book' Blog explores the idea of the book's novelty weirdness for Aussie Dads. It reveals the best (and cheapest) places to buy the book in its home country.

Humour is also a great way to engage reluctant readers and there is no better way to engage your four to seven-year olds, than storytime with Dad!

Get your copy now and allow time for postage before Sunday 3 September.

CKT Story Collection Coming Soon - Pre-orders available now

The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection is on track for pre-Christmas publication!  It's a collection of children's fiction (for 3 - 12 yrs) in short story, poetic and picture book form, from an exciting group of emerging Australian authors & illustrators. 

There's a story to suit every child's taste and Brydie is excited to share a snippet from Magic Beans, her short story contribution to the collection...

Daddy, can we plant the (magic) beans? I’d love my own beanstalk, reaching high in the sky, with a giant living at the top. He’d be very scary but I am brave, just like Jack. If I climb up and catch the goose that lays the golden eggs, we’ll be rich!

Pre-Orders Expression of Interest:
To express your interest in pre-ordering a copy from Brydie, you can email her via the Getting In Touch page on this website.  (NB. As a contributor to the self-published CKT Story Collection, Brydie will be marketing and selling copies of the book).



If you've ever had a chuckle at a kids' book about poo, you'd have a view on Savvy in Somerset's latest blog, Would You Read Your Child a Book About Bodily Functions? There are arguments for and against. In conjunction with the blog, Savvy in Somerset is giving away a copy of Daddy and the World's Longest Poo, one of the newest "poo books". Check out this interesting and balanced blog here for details on how to enter.


On Fri 4th August from 6-7pm (AEST), Brydie was excited and honoured to join Penny Pedersen, host of Penny's Long Way Home show on Northside Radio FM99.3 (Sydney). Penny's Long Way Home is an excellent arts programme every Friday night from 4 - 7pm. Brydie's role as guest co-host saw her chatting with Penny about her book, her film reviews for WeekendNotes Sydney and her interest in children's theatre and it's proliferation on Sydney's North Shore. As part of her charity auction prize, Brydie was also given the opportunity to programme the music playlist. Hope Penny's listeners enjoyed the tunes.

Will be sharing a link to the broadcast soon...


Brydie is excited and proud to be embarking on The Craft & Business of Writing Children's Picture Books with Mira Reisberg's Children's Book Academy for a 5-week intensive course from 24 July... and was honoured to be awarded one of the Yuyi Morales Scholarships for the sought-after course. In the first week of the course, Brydie received a mini critique on her story hooks from a US literary agent. This has helped narrow her manuscript ideas from three to one to pursue for the course. How cool! #CBWPB17


And over on the Poo Book Blog, catch up on Brydie's tri-series of blog posts 'To PR or Not To PR?' If you're an 'indie' author, don't miss the concrete advice shared on conducting your PR campaign (traditional vs social media). See here for these honest, practical advice blogs, written from true self-publishing experiences.

Book Trailer - Daddy and the World's Longest Poo

I'm proud to launch my Book Trailer for 2017's most original and funny picture book, Daddy and the World's Longest Poo. It's just in time for Father's Day in the USA and UK. A great gift idea for kids and the 'toilet procrastinators' in their families. Warning: Sense of humour required!

Latest Author Interview - Buzz Words

On 1 May, Brydie was delighted to be featured in 'A Foot In The Door' interview in the Australian book industry's BUZZ WORDS e-zine. Follow her self-publishing journey...

Latest Review for WeekendNotes

New Release Australian Book Review

Brydie was swept away by The Wild Girl and promptly found herself a new favourite author of historical fiction. Kate Forsyth is a best-selling Australian author of children's books and masterful historical tomes for adults. Her latest release Beauty In Thorns re-imagines the melodramatic lives of the great female muses of the Pre-Raphaelite circle and after hearing the author speak at her recent book launch, Brydie was inspired to read and review the novel for WeekendNotes.


Latest Review for Sydney Mum's Group

From pools last week, to shopping centres this week, good public amenities are important to mums and dads with young families. Sydney Mums Group is publishing a 'shopping centres in Sydney' series and Brydie nominated Warriewood Square as her pick for the Northern Beaches.

It's a suburban shopping centre that's mid-size and easily accessible, a rareity in the day and age of congested shopping mega 'cities', popping up everywhere.

Take a look inside Warriewood Square, with Brydie's tour of its best features.

(photo to the right c/o- Warriewood Square Facebook page)