Brydie's Book Reviews

Brydie's Latest Book Review for WeekendNotes

The Scared Book by Debra Tidball


'Indie' Author book reviews on Goodreads and Amazon

Esme's Wish by Elizabeth Foster

Bernard the Balloon by Joseph Ruder

Come out Mr. Poo by Janelle McGuinness

If You Were Me and Lived In Australia by Carole P. Roman

I am Tan by Michele Rose

Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon by Joseph Ruder

The Sea Tips (A novella) by Helen Allan

The Rock That Rolled Across the Ocean by N.D. Byma (picture book)

Tigerfish: A Memoir by Hoang Chi Truong (adult non-fiction)

Maija's World Possums and Reindeer by Laura Lohiniva-Hart

The Mess of Me by Chantelle Atkins (YA)

Bilby by Helen Allan (YA)

Gorinjas: The Beginning by Mark Lancaster (middle-grade)

Neptune's Trident (7th book in Astro's Adventures series) by Susan Day

Heirs of Power (Book #1, The Constellation Saga) by Kay MacLeod



Adult Fiction

Beauty In Thorns by Kate Forsyth - historical fiction

Reviews for Creative Kids Tales

Children's and Middle Grade Books

Beowulf the Brave by Oakley Graham

Wiggle and the Whale by Roger Priddy

Welcome to Country by Aunty Joy Murphy

Blue and Bertie by Kristyna Litten

Desert Lake: The Story of Kati Thanda by Pamela Freeman

My Mum's Special Secret by Sally Morgan

Spot and Stripe by Anna Shuttlewood

Cyclone by Jackie French

You Have My Heart by Corinne Fenton

A Patch from Scratch by Megan Forward

Dance, Bilby, Dance by Tricia Oktober

Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City by Will Mabbitt (MG)

Scubba by Darren Pickett


YA books

Daughter of Nomads (Book 1) by Roseanne Hawke

The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham

Riverkeep by Martin Stewart

How not to Disappear by Clare Furniss

Rich and Rare (An Anthology) dited by Paul Collins